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Make up


“Choosing a shade lighter is a myth,” she says. “Too-white circles under your eyes look like you wore goggles while tanning.” Apply in little stripes with a pointed concealer brush. Then blend using your ring finger for the lightest touch, and don’t tug on delicate undereye areas, Rizzieri instructs.


A selection of the most simple approaches to the most striking make-up you can hope to achieve. Suitable for beginners, pros, or anyone looking to learn the secrets of great make-up quickly.


The best therapists respect a bedrock principle of spa: they regard their services not as indulgences, but as vital necessities and essential to a balanced approach to wellness. Spas, in other words, are a direct path to total rejuvenation and renewal.


Also, great therapists have a natural inclination for this work. The best spas focus on hiring therapists with great character. They seek therapists who are genuinely respectful, gracious and passionate about what they do.